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Tour 2017
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Working on... More news in few weeks.

TYP is working with a new desk
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TYP composes and records with a new desk mixer to be in terms of the live scene permanently. Music is more powerful and thus closer to the vocation of the band...Live and stage

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Webzine Sons-Of-Metal writed few words about The Yumma Project in live... [read more]

EP Recording scheduled.
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An instrumental recording session will start at 1st of March 2013. Xavier Sindt, sound engineer, will take the control of this week of record at Micro Climat Studio. Lead voice will be recorded in August 2013

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One of our English fans had the great kindness to take pictures during our concert at the Robin 2 Wolverhampton [Apr.29 2012]

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Yes, what a face ! Now you can see it as real : The band has a face... or several faces...
[see more]

The Yumma Project in your town ?
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Want to hear The Yumma Project ? Find the concert hall and the contact to reach, and we will manage to put the fire on the roof dude !

Xavier Perrard [light enginneer] joined TYP
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Please welcome Xavier Perrard, the master of TYP's lightshow. [read more]

TYP is listened around the world !
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the first returns come from listening to the entire planet ! England, Belgium, China, USA, Russia, Japan... France...!