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Sons-Of-Metal – by Elovite, musical reviewer

We come to the final of the gigs night with the third and last band of Grenoble : The Yumma Project... The lights go out and sound intro gradually escapes from the speakers of the hall “Amperage”, plunging the room in an atmosphere of a thousand colors. The band feels good on stage and takes pleasure. The instrumental technical level is breathtaking as the atmosphere is palpable. In addition, every second, osmosis takes place between The Yumma Project and the public. Indeed,  the  lead  puts  his heart  at  work and  demonstrated    an   extraordinary   charisma.  So   that   the audience would be willing  to follow the slightest snap of his fingers.  A perfect choice of light show for this kind of Metal Progressive music further supports this atmospheric context. And if the level is already very high for The Yumma Project, the cover of Pink Floyd "What Do You Want To Me" is the major reflection of the quality of sound and touch instruments. For there are bands that are not easy to take as the original titles are beautiful. This has the effect of completely mesmerize the audience...


By F.Delmotte, musical reviewer.

The Yumma Project  or fusion of metal and melodic progressive high-flying, delivered with adrenaline and technical: a treat!


Koid’9  - by L.Lhéricel, musical reviewer.

The Yumma Project, a velvet voice of in a beautiful jewel case of progressive scrolls.